Multilingual documentation support

LeaksID now supports a multilingual format. Besides English, the updated version of the solution can now work with German, French, and Spanish documentation.

LeaksID is an online data leak deterrence system that provides its users with safe workspaces for collaborative work. It automatically replaces each file with a personalized copy marked by unique tags, invisible to the human eye but easily recognized by the system. When a file is shared with another user, the system creates a new copy with different tags. These marks help determine exactly who worked on a particular file and when; in case of a leak, they help identify its source.
The LeaksID solution (both the interface and the text recognition system) has been available in English only. However, recently, three more languages have been integrated into the system: Spanish, German, and French. An important feature of this innovation is that our users can work on one file in different languages, and LeaksID will be able to define a copy owner using any fragment of the document.

Technically, integrating additional languages into LeaksID was a challenging task. At the initial stages, there were many issues with the system interface design. In different languages, the number of characters in words with the same meaning varied a lot. German language integration was the most complicated since German words are almost twice as long as in English. It took a lot of effort to adjust the layout so that the design in all versions looked the same, balanced, and convenient.

Since the LeaksID system is now available in several languages, we are happy to welcome our international users. The multilingual option will be especially useful to companies working with international partners and in M&A transactions. Currently, we are researching the demand for other languages among our customers. We plan to integrate more languages into LeaksID.

Stay tuned!

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