G-71 Launches Integration With Mail Servers to Secure Email Attachments

G-71, a provider of cutting-edge data leak deterrence solutions, is thrilled to announce the official launch of an extensive integration of its LeaksID solution with all major mail servers. This integration aims to ensure the utmost security of sensitive email attachments and heralds a new era in safeguarding valuable corporate information.

In addition to serving as a trusted secure data room for document storage and exchange, LeaksID now empowers users with advanced integration capabilities, enabling them to label email attachments containing sensitive information. This crucial update addresses the prevalent global challenges posed by email leaks and breaches.

Research conducted from open sources reveals that companies with up to 1,000 employees mistakenly send an average of 500 emails to incorrect recipients annually. Similarly, corporations with 1,000+ employees face up to 800 occurrences. This alarming trend underscores the pressing need for robust protection measures to prevent interception or compromise of confidential attachments.

Our unwavering commitment to information security is exemplified by our continuous monitoring and development of new solutions to combat document leaks. At G-71, we have devoted considerable time and resources to seamlessly integrate our technology with popular mail servers, ensuring a seamless fit within organizations' regular operations.

The newly implemented integration provides a seamless and user-friendly experience by integrating with mail servers. It ensures a smooth user experience without any disruptions. LeaksID utilizes standard mail server settings related to configuring mail flow rules, thereby eliminating the necessity for any extra plugins or software installations. Interacting with the integration is straightforward: users can create a new email, add recipients without any limitations, attach the file, and simply send the email by specifying a trigger.

The trigger can be certain words or phrases in the email’s subject or body, or even a specific classification of the attached document. Once the trigger is identified at the mail server level, LeaksID springs into action. It extracts the attachment on the fly and creates an individual copy for each recipient. These copies are indistinguishable from the original but are marked with invisible tags to provide protection in case of a leak.

As a result, subsequent emails sent by the same sender will be distributed separately to each recipient, along with their personal copy of the document. In this manner, in the event that any recipient compromises their copy of the attachment, the markings will serve as a means to identify the perpetrator, even if the attached file was compromised through methods such as taking a screenshot or capturing a photo using a smartphone.

One of the key advantages of this groundbreaking solution is that it keeps the user's email experience intact when sending sensitive attachments. The entire process happens effortlessly and quickly, taking no more than a minute to finish. Additionally, integrating LeaksID with the mail server is remarkably simple and fast, with minimal complexity involved in its implementation.

The recent integration of LeaksID with mail servers is a major step forward in enhancing the security of sensitive email attachments. This development empowers organizations to effectively safeguard their valuable files. If you’re interested in discovering more about G-71 and its groundbreaking solution, explore the website leaksid.com.

About G-71

G-71 Incis a US-based data leak deterrence software company that was founded in 2019 by experts in IT & cybersecurity with 20 years of experience in the field. G-71 created the state-of-the-art information security solution LeaksID to protect private and corporate documents from illegal access and insider threats.

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