LeaksID Use Cases

LeaksID Data Room offers an effective solution for insider threat management, empowering businesses and teams to deter potential breaches of confidential documents.
With our unique labeling technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is well-protected. Choose your industry or business need from our list to see how LeaksID can enhance your security and defend against insider threats.

Use Cases by Business Need

Keep all confidential documents in a secure environment where they will be equipped with undetectable tags/anti-leak markings. Participants in M&A transactions will have authorized access to files in LeaksID, allowing you to have peace of mind that, in the event of a leak, the culprit can be identified through the markings.
Turn to LeaksID for comprehensive document preparation prior to Due Diligence. Share sensitive documents securely and with complete data protection. Grant access to protected files to multiple parties with LeaksID’s labeling technology.
Protect your designs, expertise, patents, drawings (including AutoCAD), and other sensitive information with LeaksID’s proprietary labeling system. Rest easy knowing that in the event of a leak, you can fully identify the source using LeaksID’s unique anti-leak markings.
Do confidential documents form a regular part of your work? Have leaks ever been an issue for you? LeaksID offers a one-of-a-kind solution to prevent such problems. Its document marking technology, which is invisible, helps minimize the risk of leaks and decrease insider threats.
Minimize insider leaks with LeaksID technology. Mark all confidential documents with undetectable anti-leak markings. In the case of a leak, easily upload the affected document portion to LeaksID’s investigation module to pinpoint the source, including the name.
Send sensitive business memos to employees or partners using LeaksID. Easily specify a list of recipients and each will receive a personalized, indistinguishable copy directly from LeaksID.

Use Cases by Industries

Store your vital business data securely with LeaksID’s invisible labeling technology. We streamline the investment process by enabling fast, secure exchange of confidential financial documents and providing a secure platform for all parties to collaborate during negotiations.
LeaksID is a secure legal software solution that elevates the confidentiality of document management for law firms. With our invisible labeling technology, you can minimize the risk of breaches and create a safer work environment for handling legal affairs.
LeaksID provides a secure platform for exchanging confidential documents during auditing. With LeaksID, you can monitor file activity, manage access permissions, and trace the source of any leaks with anti-leak markings added to all documents within the system.
Ensure the safety of patient information with LeaksID’s secure digital platform. Use our technology to create protected digital environments and securely share sensitive documents with medical organizations, patients, healthcare providers, payers, and third-party entities.
LeaksID provides an effective platform for successful IPO preparation. Our platform allows for secure collaboration with various stakeholders involved in the process, and all confidential documents are marked with invisible anti-leak markings for added protection.
The bankruptcy process demands secure, long-term access to confidential documents for exchange and collaboration. LeaksID offers a comprehensive set of features to meet these needs, including document protection with anti-leak markings, secure document storage and sharing, and activity tracking for participants.
In the government sector, many sensitive documents are handled at the authority level. Leaks of this confidential information can be detrimental. LeaksID provides a secure platform to protect these sensitive documents, and in the case of a leak, the system’s anti-leak markings make it possible to quickly determine the source.
The energy sector involves numerous transactions and projects that involve multiple third parties and extensive handling of confidential documents. To ensure secure processes and reduce the risk of insider threats, we recommend using LeaksID to enhance the efficiency and security of information.
LeaksID can be a valuable tool for real estate professionals seeking to streamline their work. By providing a secure platform for faster and safer due diligence, real estate professionals can ensure the confidentiality of all drawings, plans, and other documents, even in AutoCAD format, with invisible security markings that make it easy to identify the source of any leaks.
LeaksID’s technology enhances the protection of confidential documents, technical files, tender documents, and other documentation, such as information related to oil and gas development. Our software also enables simultaneous management and tracking of multiple projects.
Manufacturing companies often handle confidential and proprietary information, including project documentation, plans, and technical documents, that are critical to their business operations. Leaks of this information can harm their competitiveness and bottom line. With LeaksID, companies can protect their sensitive documents and deter leaks.
Biotech and pharmaceutical employees often handle sensitive documents and a single leak can have severe consequences. To provide a secure work environment, LeaksID offers a secure platform where all documents are also marked with invisible anti-leak markings for added protection.

Make your business more secure and effective with LeaksID