Deter and investigate document leaks with LeaksID

Enhance your sensitive documents with invisible markings, which make it possible to investigate and identify the source of any leaks, even through screenshots or photographs of the documents.

LeaksID Insider Threat Management Tool

LeaksID presents an extensive package that offers a multitude of options, including a data room, seamless email integration, and compatibility with a diverse range of systems.

LeaksID does not disrupt your usual company workflow: the solution seamlessly integrates into all your processes.

With each interaction, invisible anti-leak marks are automatically integrated into every text document.


In addition to its preventive effect in deterring document leaks, LeaksID offers a module for investigating leaks.

Explore a wide range of integration possibilities, whether it’s in the cloud or on premises.

Secure Data Room

Store your confidential documents in a secure space and share them securely with counterparties.

Just upload your documents to the system after pre-creating the desired folder structure and workspaces.
Assign rights and restrictions to participants by assigning roles to each invited user.
Share documents directly from the system using the advanced sharing functionality of LeaksID.

What is LeaksID?

LeaksID is designed to protect sensitive files from insider threats, offering a comprehensive steganographic technique to embed distinctive undetectable marks into confidential documents and email attachments.

Deterrent solution

Such marking creates a preventive effect, both within your company, and when working with third parties, to reduce the number of leaks of sensitive materials.

Detective solution

If a leak does occur, wherein someone takes a photo of a document or captures a screenshot, you can utilize the built-in investigation module to identify the source of the leak by analyzing the leaked fragment.

Reduce the risk of insider threats. Find the culprit in case of a leak.

Supports multiple formats

The system supports various document formats, including doc(x), pdf, ppt(x), jpeg, png, CAD, etc.

Better than watermarks

LeaksID marks can’t be detected or removed without our specialized tools, unlike visible watermarks

Integration capabilities

Integration through a Web Application Firewall, enabling connectivity with external storages or web-oriented applications, native integration with OneDrive / SharePoint, or REST API

Transparent for users

Native integration, no action required for users. Marking occurs automatically on the fly

Investigation even based on a photo or screenshot

It doesn’t matter how documents were leaked: as photos, screenshots, printed copies, etc.

Email security

Fast, transparent integration with Exchange Online (Office 365) or Google Workspaces

Reduces insider threats for any type of business

Approximately 75% of leaks originate from individuals who possess legitimate access
to document handling and exchange, but
compromise the document’s security by capturing a photo or screenshot.

Deter potential leaks with LeaksID

Our solutions are tailored to the needs
of each organization

Our intuitive SaaS

Deploy immediately to start marking your confidential documents and deterring leaks.

Our flexible and powerful
enterprise solution

Integrate our anti-leak labeling technology into your system and solutions via API or proxy server.

A deterrence technology
for any type of business


Cristian Toba

Chief Solutions Architect

Even though hidden watermarks to prevent unauthorized copying is an old idea, it’s the first consumer oriented product that I see.


UX/UI Designer

Really protect docs and you can share document securely from the system.



Indispensable tool for companies and individuals to store sensitive data.

Dawn Veltri

Director of Marketing

Sharing our documents just got easier with LeaksID. The function of tracking activity with each document will help a lot to understand whether the recipient has opened it or not.

Pierre Kraus

Business Analyst

Very innovative! It’s very helpful to be able to protect & track your online documents to better control your data.

Vit McFly


Leaksid tends to be a primary solution when I need to share private docs.


Your data is securely stored using Amazon Web Services in the US. Our app has been verified by Google and Stripe.

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LeaksID enjoys quite a bit of media coverage.

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