Deter and Investigate Insider Risks with LeaksID

Protect your confidential documents against insider threats with the use of cutting-edge invisible anti-leak labeling technology designed specifically for sensitive files. LeaksID can help even when insiders compromise important documents using smartphone photos.

LeaksID Insider Threat Management (ITM) solution for document leak deterrence

Continue working with documents as you did before: LeaksID will discreetly protect them

Invisible fingerprints and anti-leak labels are added automatically each time you interact with a text document

Use the built-in investigation module to identify the source in case of a leak, even from a 10-word snippet

Choose what is more convenient for you:
a cloud solution
or on-premises

Reduce the risk from insider threats.
And find the culprit in case of a leak.

¾ of leaks come from people who had legal access and compromised the
document by taking a photo or screenshot. Here are a few cases where
insiders can leak confidential documents.

IP Theft Protection

Protect your designs, expertise, patents, drawings (including AutoCAD), and other sensitive information with LeaksID’s proprietary labeling system. Rest easy knowing that in the event of a leak, you can fully identify the source using LeaksID’s unique anti-leak markings.

Safe M&A deals

Protect your confidential documents with LeaksID’s undetectable tags/anti-leak markings. In M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions, authorized access and markings ensure the security of your confidential and sensitive files and the ability to identify any leaks.

Legal Issues

LeaksID is a secure legal software solution that elevates the confidentiality of document management for law firms. With our invisible labeling technology, you can minimize the risk of breaches and create a safer work environment for handling legal affairs.

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Deter potential leaks with LeaksID

Our solutions are tailored to the needs
of each organization

Our intuitive SaaS

Deploy immediately to start marking your confidential documents and deterring leaks.

Our flexible and powerful
on-premise solution

Integrate our anti-leak labeling technology into your system and solutions via API or proxy server.

Secure Data Room

Store your confidential documents in a secure space and share them securely with counterparties.

Just upload your documents to the system after pre-creating the desired folder structure and workspaces.
Assign rights and restrictions to participants by assigning roles to each invited user.
Share documents directly from the system using the advanced sharing functionality of LeaksID.

Labeling technology

Deter potential insider leaks by using
LeaksID’s unique US patented technology.
Continue working with confidential documents in the usual way. The system will automatically create marked copies​
Use the Investigation Tool to use labeling to identify the source of a leak​
Use technology to create a preventative effect and reduce potential leaks​

No other security system can deter leaks of information on paper. LeaksID can.

Unique anti-leak marks​

Marks are visible to the LeaksID algorithm, but not to the human eye.

Better than watermarks

LeaksID marks can’t be detected and removed without the tool, unlike visible watermarks.

Any document format

LeaksID marking technology applies to all office formats, PDF, and AutoCAD files.

No copy limit

We do not limit users in the number of copies. Using our technology, you can create over 205 trillion unique copies for one letter.

Investigation Tool

Be sure that in case of a leak you can determine the name of the culprit without fail.

If one of your confidential documents was leaked, just upload it into the LeaksID Investigation module to start the investigation.​

The system analyzes the uploaded sample, compares it to the original document, and determines which user owns the compromised copy.​

Get a username to use in further investigations of the leak.​

Сonvenient investigation​

To conduct an investigation, simply upload part or the entire compromised document to the system.

Any format

An original document, a photo of a printed document, a photo or a screenshot of a screen, and even a distorted sample (wrinkled, dirty, photographed at an angle) will be suitable for an investigation.

5 minutes

The average investigation time if the parts of the compromised document do not require an image editor.

Free training

The investigation module interface is natively understandable. If necessary, we provide free training.

A deterrence technology
for any type of business

Frequently Asked Question

What is LeaksID technology and what does it do?
The state-of-the-art ITM technology, LeaksID, is designed to protect sensitive documents from insider threats. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing and preventing data and document leaks through its integration features. By utilizing a steganographic technique to embed undetectable and distinctive marks (forensic watermarks) into confidential documents, LeaksID is an efficient deterrent against data breaches.
What types of businesses can benefit from using LeaksID technology?
Any business that handles sensitive and confidential documents, such as financial reports or corporate contracts, can benefit from using LeaksID technology. This includes businesses in industries such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and more. LeaksID technology is also scalable and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any business, regardless of size or industry.
For what purposes can LeaksID technology be used?
LeaksID is a powerful tool that can be used to deter potential document leaks, detect insider threats, protect against IP theft, safeguard business and M&A deals, secure document sharing and VDRs, and facilitate due diligence processes.
How does LeaksID technology differ from other data leak prevention tools on the market?
Information leaks have long been a challenge, and various solutions exist to address the issue, but none can prevent insiders from taking photos of confidential documents with their smartphones. Watermarks, the primary approach prior to LeaksID, can be easily removed and do not enable the identification of the leak source. LeaksID offers a unique solution that straddles multiple categories in information security, including Insider Threat management and Data Leak Deterrence, through its forensic watermark technology.
Can LeaksID technology be customized to meet the specific needs of a business?
Yes, LeaksID technology is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any business.
Can LeaksID technology be integrated with other tools or platforms?
Yes, LeaksID technology can be integrated with other tools or platforms. LeaksID can seamlessly integrate with email servers such as Microsoft Exchange and with cloud storage systems such as One Drive or Google Drive through the OpenID Connect Protocol with authentication via OAuth 2.0. This integration process generates a novel workspace inside LeaksID that is linked to the external cloud storage, allowing for a more secure storage of confidential documents. Users can upload their documents to LeaksID and work with them, such as viewing, downloading, or exchanging them with third parties, while the documents themselves will be stored in the user's encrypted storage.
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Cristian Toba

Chief Solutions Architect

Even though hidden watermarks to prevent unauthorized copying is an old idea, it’s the first consumer oriented product that I see.


UX/UI Designer

Really protect docs and you can share document securely from the system.



Indispensable tool for companies and individuals to store sensitive data.

Dawn Veltri

Director of Marketing

Sharing our documents just got easier with LeaksID. The function of tracking activity with each document will help a lot to understand whether the recipient has opened it or not.

Pierre Kraus

Business Analyst

Very innovative! It’s very helpful to be able to protect & track your online documents to better control your data.

Vit McFly


Leaksid tends to be a primary solution when I need to share private docs.


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