LeaksID adds anti-leak marks, using its patented algorithm, to deter leaks of sensitive data and documents.

The Best Way to Protect Sensitive Documents Against Insider Threats

US Patent No.11.120.520
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LeaksID technology will enable you to protect your intellectual property and know-how from possible insider leaks. Invisible marking will allow you to be certain that any leak, even a small fragment of a confidential document with a trade secret, will be revealed.

IP Theft Protection

Successful M&A transactions require an integrated approach, a well thought-out integration plan, and a convenient secure platform for performing activities. Together with LeaksID, you will get a unique virtual room with the ability to prevent confidential data leaks.
LeaksID is a solution for law firms that care about the security of their professional activities and want to ensure that their confidential information is properly protected. In legal matters, you need to be sure that only trusted persons have access to sensitive information.

Safe M&A deals

Legal Issues

¾ of leaks come from people who had legal access and compromised the document by taking a photo or screenshot. Here are a few cases where insiders can leak confidential documents.

Reduce the risk from insider threats. And find the culprit in case of a leak.

Use technology to create a preventative effect and reduce potential leaks
Use the Investigation Tool to use labeling to identify the source of a leak
Continue working with confidential documents in the usual way. The system will automatically create marked copies
Deter potential insider leaks by using LeaksID's unique US patented technology.

Labeling technology

No other security system can deter leaks of information on paper. LeaksID can.

Better than watermarks

LeaksID marks can’t be detected and removed without the tool, unlike visible watermarks.

Unique anti-leak marks

Marks are visible to the LeaksID algorithm, but not to the human eye.

No copy limit

We do not limit users in the number of copies. Using our technology, you can create over 205 trillion unique copies for one letter.

Any document format

LeaksID marking technology applies to all office formats, PDF, and AutoCAD files.

Investigation Tool

Get a username to use in further investigations of the leak.
The system analyzes the uploaded sample, compares it to the original document, and determines which user owns the compromised copy.
If one of your confidential documents was leaked, just upload it into the LeaksID Investigation module to start the investigation.
Be sure that in case of a leak you can determine the name of the culprit without fail.

5 minutes

The average investigation time if the parts of the compromised document do not require an image editor.

Any format

An original document, a photo of a printed document, a photo or a screenshot of a screen, and even a distorted sample (wrinkled, dirty, photographed at an angle) will be suitable for an investigation.

Сonvenient investigation

To conduct an investigation, simply upload part or the entire compromised document to the system.

Free training

The investigation module interface is natively understandable. If necessary, we provide free training.
Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each organization

Deter potential leaks with LeaksID

Our intuitive SaaS application

Deploy immediately to start marking your confidential documents and deterring leaks.

Give us 30 minutes, get the secured system and reduction in the number of leaks

A secured Virtual Data Room (VDR)
for any type of business

Your data is securely stored using Amazon Web Services in the US. Our app has been verified by Google and Stripe.
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