Approximately 60% of law firms suffered a security incident, and in nearly half of all law firms a human error incident occurred in which their own staff were responsible for the incident. Sensitive information was lost or left on the train/taxi/plane. Our unique, patented technology provides for safe, paperless and paper-based work modes, marking shared and printed documents in a similar way with invisible changes. This approach helps to deter any leaks and detect the source of leakage.


The issue of companies insuring against leaks of personal information has become more relevant than ever before. Major scandals (such as the $800+ million sensitive mortgage document leakage from First American Financial) attest to the lack of a well-protected corporate data security system. Using LeaksID, insurance companies can reduce the probability of risk of sensitive data leakage. And our patented technology of leaks investigation can provide irrefutable evidence of the identity of the leaker for any potential court case.

Life science

Research and clinic data is a commercial secret. Unauthorized publication of information about a product under development allows competitors to start their own development of a similar product. Also, clinical trials often involve many parties who need varying levels of access: patients, volunteers, researchers and authorities who certify clinical procedures. LeaksID helps all of these parties to collaborate effectively while maintaining a high level of security and reliability of data sharing.

Due diligence

When sharing confidential documents during the due diligence process in an M&A deal or investment process, security is your primary concern. Sellers and buyers exchange large amounts of information and, potentially, either party may be the source of leaks. Losses from a disrupted due diligence process can amount to billions of dollars (TimeWarner & AOL or Daimler & Chrysler cases). All participants of the process need a shared space to exchange documents, reliable data protection mechanisms and tools for rapid identification of the potential leak source.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The timeliness of publication of information in M&A cases is particularly important as it is directly related to the value of shares in public companies, and leakage of such information can result in direct financial losses. LeaksID provides secure spaces for collaborative work and helps to share sensitive data without any restrictions.


It is no secret that the leak of film scripts has consequences for the entire film industry: postponement of release dates, financial losses, etc. For example, the leak of Quentin Tarantino's script to The Hateful Eight led to strained relations between the studio, director, actors and their agents. And the recent leak of a Game of Thrones script led to a falloff in the number of viewers, many of whom were disappointed in where the script indicated the plot was going. By using LeaksID you can be confident in the security of your data and not worry about any potential leaks.

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