Our mission

To create transparent and safe environment in digital communication to protect documents containing confidential or sensitive data in advance and thereby to instill a culture of safe handling of information.

Why we do what we do

There is a common stereotype that the main threat to sensitive information comes from third parties. However, the number of insider-related breaches rises every year. It's proven that 51% of organizations lack sufficient data protection strategies to detect and prevent insider threats. The reason for this - the development of technological capabilities of personal computers and smartphones. Over the past few years, the number of screenshots, pictures of the screen, and printouts containing sensitive information leaked online has significantly increased. These data breaches happen when documents containing personal data or confidential information are received by people whom users trust the most. Friends, acquaintances, or colleagues may lack knowledge about the rules of safe handling of valuable data or might have malicious intentions.

G-71 created LeaksID to deter people from leaking the most sensitive documents through screenshots, pictures of the screen, printed-out documents, and documents shared via email. LeaksID uses its patented algorithm that marks every file in a way that is invisible to the human eye. The end-user receives a unique copy of the document every time the document is opened, emailed, or printed out. These marks are impossible to remove. In this manner, every person who works with the document knows that if data breaches occur, whoever is responsible for them will be identified, even if the size of the leaked fragment is extremely small.

Our Team

Sergey Voynov
Alexander Korznikov
Sergei Timoshenko
Sergey is our visioner, the father of our main goals and values. He is the voice of our brand.
Alex is the genius behind the code, leader of the programming team.
Sergei is our creative mind, the driver of marketing and sales processes in our company.