LeaksID VDR (Virtual Data Room)

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A SaaS solution for secure work with counterparties and determining the source of a leak from a virtual data room
LeaksID is an online storage, and file sharing service and space for working with documents. You can upload important documents to it and manage file access rights. In addition, all documents used in the space will be automatically marked with invisible marks, which, in the event of a leak, allow one to conduct an investigation and identify who compromised them.
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How LeaksID works

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Meet Ryan, a partner in an audit company. He works on many deals (including M&A) and wants to make sure that third parties won’t get access to his customers' confidential data.
LeaksID is a cloud-based platform. Easy sign-up using email, Google, or Microsoft accounts.

Upload documents to LeaksID

Supports uploads in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .jpg, .png, .tiff formats in the Team plan and all formats in the Business plan. Easily integrates with Google Drive and OneDrive for business.
Ryan can store all his important documents on LeaksID for easy access and secure sharing. As the owner of the workspace, Ryan can configure different levels of access to the documents, by restricting the rights to view, print, and share.
As an owner of the workspace, Ryan can configure different levels of access to the documents, by restricting the rights to view, print, and share.

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Create a workspace

Ryan can create a virtual data room workspace for each deal. He invites other participants of the transaction to the workspace.

Share with contractors

Ryan is worried the deal might fall through if one of the transaction's participants publishes sensitive information. The company will suffer financial or reputational losses. He uses LeaksID to share documents and have full control of the process.
Grant access only to verified users
Restrict access for a period of time or give one-time access
Manage access rights and revoke them at any time
Every time a user adds a new document to the LeaksID system, shares it with someone, or prints it out, the system's algorithm displays a unique copy with invisible marks that do not affect the original document.

The marks remain unchanged even if you take a picture of the screen or print the document.

Mark all documents automatically

Ryan can identify the leaker using LeaksID
No one can take a photo of the original document from the screen or print the file. The photographed document will have the invisible marks used to find the leaker.

Keep calm

Ryan is sure that if someone publishes a document from LeaksID, then he can easily identify the leaker.







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