LeaksID for M&A deals

Work with confidential M&A documents easily, securely and efficiently
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Create protected and user-friendly workspace

Useful features for Mergers and Acquisitions by LeaksID
Use a predifined solution for document exchange
Save a lot of time: no many-click access, no forwarding of documents by mail, no need for third-party security systems for documents and visible watermarks.
Securely storage and flexible access control
All documents are stored in secure file storage hosted by AWS. You can rule access rights and revoke them at any time. Additionally, you can share documents with all deal participants by email directly from the digital workspace.
Native document protection
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system algorithm shows him an individual unique copy, and all deal counter-parties don't need to spend time to making watermarks.

Potential risks in M&A deals

For a successful M&A deal, one of the most important criteria is to keep all important information secret until the deal is concluded.
However, working on the transaction, people from different parties have legal access to information. Any leak can lead to the failure of the contract signing and financial losses.
Companies often insure such deals. Insurance can cover losses, but not save the reputation of the company serving the process.
If this parties had used LeaksID technology, all channels - files, documents, and system interfaces - would have been protected and stored in secure data rooms. And all parties would have known – the LeaksID would detect the leaker because the LeaksID would have tagged all documents.
How LeaksID solves this problem

Close M&A deals more safety with LeaksID