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Share documents securely with third-parties when you work on deals or contracts.
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Create your own protected workspace

Useful features for your law firm by LeaksID
Easy and fast process of share documents in a deal
You can create as many digital workspaces as you need. Easy organize and share documents. Manage access rules for each person in workspace.
Securely storage and flexible access
All documents are stored in secure file storage hosted by AWS. You can rule access rights at any time. You can share documents with third-parties by mail from the workspace.
Native document protection
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system algorithm shows him an individual copy you don't need to spend time making watermarks.

Potential risks when you share documents

Usually, many parties work on a deal: attorneys, contractors, clients, paralegals, etc. All of them have legal access to documents. They use well-known storage for sharing documents. And you feel that your documents are protected. But...
The next day the photo of the document from the deal appears in the news. The main question is, who did the leak?
Most companies build firewalls against hacker attacks and forget about insider threats. It is effortless to publish the document for a person who has legal access because nobody can identify the leaker.
If this firm had used LeaksID technology, all channels - files, documents, and system interfaces - would have been protected. And all parties would have known – the LeaksID would detect the leaker because the LeaksID would have marked all documents.
How LeaksID solves this problem

Make your business more securely and effective with LeaksID

List of the most used documents we can protect

Business compliance
Annual report
Initial report
Operating agreement
Bylaws and resolutions
Business changes and filings
Corporate amedment
Corporate dissolution
Foreign qualification
Corporate name change
Entity conversion
Taxes, licenses & permits
Federal tax ID (EIN)
State tax ID
501 (c)(3) application
Business licenses
Seller's permit
Legal forms and agreements
General agreement
Business plan nondisclosure agreement
Promissory notes
Independent contractor agreement
Employment agreement
Additional business services
Corporate supplies
Certified copies
Certificates of good standing
Business Advisory Plan
Real estate
Residential lease
Property deed transfer