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Protect and share IP documents securely

Useful features for IP protection by LeaksID
Use a predifined solution for document exchange
Securely share IP documents (contracts, forms, patents etc.) with law firms, contributors, reviewers, USPTO and third parties.
Securely storage and flexible access control
All IP documents are stored in secure file storage hosted by AWS. You can rule access rights and revoke them at any time. In addition, you can share documents with all parties by email directly from the workspace.
Native document protection
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system algorithm shows him an individual unique copy, and all parties don't need to spend time to making watermarks.

Potential risks in IP industry

You have an innovative idea for a new product and want to patent it. And before you get a patent, you want no one to use your invention.
A large number of parties are working on this product: lawyers to file a patent, investors to finance your project, etc.
Any information leak at the stage of patent preparation can completely destroy the innovativeness of the product. Therefore, great attention is paid to the safety of the preparation of IP documents at this stage.
If this parties had used LeaksID technology, all channels - files, documents, and system interfaces - would have been protected. And all parties would have known – the LeaksID would detect the leaker because the LeaksID would have tagged all documents.
How LeaksID solves this problem

Protect your intellectual property with LeaksID