LeaksID for Healthcare

Keep patients' data in secure digital space
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Create protected digital spaces with HIPAA compliance

Useful features for Healthcare providers by LeaksID
Use a predifined solution for document exchange
Securely share Protected Health Information (PHI) files with medical groups, patients, healthcare systems, payers and third parties.
Securely storage and flexible access control
All documents are stored in secure file storage hosted by AWS. You can rule access rights and revoke them at any time. In addition, you can share documents with all parties by email directly from the workspace.
Native document protection
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system algorithm shows him an individual unique copy, and all parties don't need to spend time to making watermarks.

Potential risks in healthcare industry

Every healthcare provider wants to protect the information about its patients. To do this, it uses various solutions for storing and transmitting information (analyzes, disease cards, etc.) about patients.
In case of disclosure of confidential information, the healthcare provider may have serious financial risks on the part of patients.
It is almost impossible to determine the source of information leak, since access to patient data, as a rule, has various departments of the clinic, and in addition, sometimes it is necessary to send and receive data from third party healthcare providers.
When sent to other healthcare providers, LeaksID helps to create unique and protected copies of documents for them, which can then be easily identified.
How LeaksID solves this problem

Make care more secure with LeaksID