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Share documents securely with third-parties when you work with sensitive data.
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Useful features for your company by LeaksID
Easy and fast process of share documents
You can create as many digital workspaces as you need. Easy organize and share documents. Manage access rules for each person in workspace.
Securely storage and flexible access
All documents are stored in secure file storage hosted by AWS. You can rule access rights at any time. You can share documents with third-parties by email from the workspace.
Native document protection
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system algorithm shows him an individual copy you don't need to spend time making watermarks.

Potential risks when you share documents

Most companies have sensitive information, the leak of which could lead to reputational and financial losses.
When working with confidential documents, you often share them both within your organization and with third parties (partners, financial organizations, lawyers, accountants, etc.).
There is no solution that stops the photographing of the document, and it is impossible to determine the leaker, since everyone is working with the same version of the document.
Each time an authorized user opens a document, LeaksID creates a unique copy using micro-changes to the document, which can identify the leaker. We believe that the best way to stop leaks is to accurately identify the insider in each case.
How LeaksID solves this problem

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