The best way to protect
sensitive documents

LeaksID deters documents leaks even made by photos or hard copies
Every time the user sees information on the screen or prints it out, the system's algorithm displays a unique copy with invisible marks.

Unique marking

Visually, the differences between the original and a copy are invisible: no watermarks, no visible markers. Users share documents and can read them easily.
You can detect the source of a leak by uploading any piece of the document if you uncover it in the public domain or as a hard copy.

User-friendly viewer

Simple leak detection

You can create as many workspaces as you need. Easy organise and share documents. Manage access rules for each person in workspace.


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Every single time the document is opened, emailed or printed out, it is imperceptibly marked, and the end user receives a unique copy of the document that is visually indistinguishable from the original.

The LeaksID algorithm will accurately identify the originator of the leak by the unique, invisible document marks.

LeaksID is a cloud-based app built with our proprietary technology at its core — the best solution to prevent valuable data leaks via physical copying, such as taking snapshots or printing.

US patented technology

No other security system is able to deter the leakage of information on paper.

Finding lekaers without fails

You never lose control over your sensitive documents when sharing via LeaksID. Recipients have to go through an email verification process to ensure that only authorized persons have access to your documents.

Retain control over your shared documents

Verified users only have access
Restrict access by time or gave it once
Manage access rights and revoke anytime
Google Drive application
Use our application in the environment you are familiar with.

Install LeaksID app in Gsuite
You can determine from a portion of the document who viewed that specific portion (no matter whether the user prints out or makes a screenshot of your document). Every time somebody opens your link, he or she gets a unique, individual copy of the document.

Our solution will stop all potential leaks, because the system will find and establish the identity of the leaker using any piece of your document without fail


of breaches are inside jobs carried out by printing out a hard copy or taking a snapshot


of employees would like to sell your company's confidential data
Safeguard your reputation and your sensitive information for only
We are keeping your data carefully at Amazon web services in the US. Our app has been verified by Google and Stripe.
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